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PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED: Solmux Broncho is an oral suspension that combines the powerful effects of Salbutamol and Carbocisteine to provide relief from respiratory conditions. With a concentration of 2 mg of Salbutamol and 500 mg of Carbocisteine per 5 mL, this 60 mL bottle offers a convenient and effective solution for cough, phlegm, and other bronchial issues. The dual action formula helps to open up airways, reduce mucus production, and alleviate symptoms, allowing you to breathe easier and feel better. Trust Solmux Broncho to provide fast and lasting relief for your respiratory discomfort.

• Bronchodilator / Mucolytic

• Contains 2 mg/500 mg/5 mL Salbutamol + Carbocisteine per oral suspension

Solmux Broncho 2 mg/500 mg/5 mL oral suspension 60 mL

  • Prescription
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