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Solmux Advance is a powerful tablet that combines the benefits of Carbocisteine and Zinc to provide effective relief from cough and cold symptoms. Each tablet contains 500 mg of Carbocisteine, a mucolytic agent that helps break down and loosen mucus in the airways, making it easier to cough up. Additionally, it contains 5 mg of Zinc, which supports the immune system and helps fight off infections. With Solmux Advance, you can expect fast and long-lasting relief from cough, congestion, and other respiratory discomforts. Say goodbye to annoying coughs and enjoy a healthier, more comfortable breathing experience.

• Mucolytic / Mineral

• Contains 500 mg/5 mg Carbocisteine + Zinc per tablet

Solmux Advance 500 mg/5 mg tablet

  • Over-the-Counter
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