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PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED: Potassium chloride (Kalium Durules) SR tablet is a high-quality supplement that provides a convenient and effective way to maintain healthy potassium levels in the body. Each tablet contains 750 mg of potassium, equivalent to 10 milliequivalents (mEq) of potassium. The sustained-release formula ensures a gradual release of potassium, allowing for optimal absorption and utilization by the body. This supplement is ideal for individuals with potassium deficiencies or those looking to support cardiovascular health, muscle function, and overall electrolyte balance. With its easy-to-swallow tablet form, Potassium chloride (Kalium Durules) SR tablet is a reliable choice for maintaining optimal potassium levels.

• Antihypokalemia

• Contains 750 mg (10 mEq potassium) Potassium chloride per SR tablet

Kalium Durules 750 mg (10 mEq potassium) SR tablet

  • Prescription
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