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PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED: The Pinene [α+β] + Camphene + Cineol + Fenchone (Rowatinex) capsule is a powerful herbal supplement designed to support urinary tract health. Made with a unique blend of natural ingredients including pinene, camphene, cineol, and fenchone, this capsule helps to promote healthy kidney and bladder function. It works by reducing inflammation, improving urine flow, and preventing the formation of kidney stones. With regular use, this capsule can provide relief from urinary tract discomfort and support overall urinary system wellness. Experience the benefits of this trusted herbal formula and maintain optimal urinary health with Rowatinex capsules.

• Contains Pinene [α+β] + Camphene + Cineol + Fenchone per capsule

Rowatinex capsule

  • Prescription
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