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PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED: Risek 40 is a powerful and effective medication that provides relief from acid reflux and other related symptoms. Each capsule contains 40 mg of Omeprazole, a proton pump inhibitor that reduces the production of stomach acid. This helps to alleviate heartburn, indigestion, and other discomfort caused by excessive acid in the stomach. Risek 40 is recommended for short-term use and can provide long-lasting relief. With its easy-to-swallow capsule form, it is convenient to take and provides fast-acting relief. Trust Risek 40 to provide you with the relief you need from acid reflux and enjoy a more comfortable life.

• Proton Pump Inhibitor

• Contains 40 mg Omeprazole per capsule

Risek 40 40 mg capsule

  • Prescription
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