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PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED: Ofloxacin (Oflobiz) eye drops are a highly effective solution for treating various eye infections. With a concentration of 3 mg/mL (0.3%), these eye drops provide quick relief from symptoms such as redness, itching, and discharge. The 5 mL bottle ensures a sufficient supply for multiple applications, allowing for a complete course of treatment. Ofloxacin is a trusted antibiotic that targets and eliminates the bacteria causing the infection, promoting faster healing and preventing further complications. These eye drops are easy to use and suitable for all ages, making them an essential addition to any first aid kit or medicine cabinet.

• Antibacterial

• Contains 3 mg/mL (0.3%) Ofloxacin per eye drops

Ofloxacin 3 mg/mL (0.3%) eye drops 5 mL

  • Prescription
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