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PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED: Nasathera capsule is a powerful combination of Phenylpropanolamine and Paracetamol, designed to provide effective relief from nasal congestion and pain. With a potent dosage of 25 mg Phenylpropanolamine and 325 mg Paracetamol, this medication offers fast-acting and long-lasting results. Whether you're suffering from a cold, flu, or allergies, Nasathera capsule is your go-to solution for clearing nasal passages and alleviating discomfort. Trust in the quality and efficacy of Nasathera to help you breathe easier and feel better, allowing you to get back to your daily activities with ease.

• Nasal Decongestant

• Contains 25 mg/325 mg Phenylpropanolamine + Paracetamol per capsule

Nasathera 25 mg/325 mg capsule

  • Prescription
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