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Omega Pain Killer liniment is a powerful and effective solution for relieving pain and discomfort. With a unique blend of Methyl salicylate, Camphor, and Menthol, this liniment provides fast-acting relief for muscle aches, joint pain, and inflammation. Its compact 15 mL size makes it convenient to carry and use on-the-go. Whether you're an athlete, suffer from chronic pain, or simply need relief from everyday aches, Omega Pain Killer liniment is your go-to solution for quick and long-lasting pain relief. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a pain-free life with Omega Pain Killer liniment.

• Counterirritant

• Contains Methyl salicylate + Camphor + Menthol per liniment

Omega Pain Killer liniment 15 mL

  • Over-the-Counter
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