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PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED: Amlife tablet is a combination medication containing Losartan and Amlodipine, designed to effectively manage high blood pressure. Each tablet contains 50 mg of Losartan and 5 mg of Amlodipine, providing a powerful combination to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart-related complications. Losartan works by relaxing blood vessels, allowing for smoother blood flow, while Amlodipine relaxes and widens the blood vessels, reducing the workload on the heart. Amlife tablet is a convenient and reliable solution for individuals seeking to control their blood pressure and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

• Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonist/Calcium Channel Blocker

• Contains 50 mg/5 mg Losartan + Amlodipine per tablet

Amlife 50 mg/5 mg tablet

  • Prescription
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