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PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED: Amoxicillin (Himox) powder for oral suspension is a trusted and effective antibiotic medication. Each 5 mL of the suspension contains 125 mg of Amoxicillin, providing a convenient and accurate dosage for children and adults. With a total volume of 105 mL, this product offers a sufficient supply to treat various bacterial infections. The powder form allows for easy reconstitution, ensuring a consistent and reliable medication. Whether it's for respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, or skin and soft tissue infections, Amoxicillin (Himox) powder for oral suspension is a reliable choice for quick and effective treatment.

• Antibacterial (Penicillin)

• Contains 125 mg/5 mL Amoxicillin per powder for oral suspension

Himox 125 mg/5 mL powder for oral suspension 105 mL

  • Prescription
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