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PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED: Ferlum elixir is a high-quality supplement that provides a potent dose of ferrous sulfate, delivering 44 mg of elemental iron per 5 mL. This 60 mL bottle is perfect for those seeking to increase their iron levels and combat iron deficiency anemia. With its easy-to-use liquid form, Ferlum elixir ensures quick absorption and maximum effectiveness. Whether you're looking to support your overall health or address specific iron-related concerns, Ferlum elixir is a reliable and convenient solution. Trust in Ferlum to provide the essential iron your body needs for optimal functioning.

• Hematinic

• Contains 220 mg/5 mL (44 mg elemental iron/5 mL) Ferrous sulfate per elixir

Ferrous sulfate 220 mg/5 mL (44 mg elemental iron/5 mL) elixir 60 mL

  • Prescription
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