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The Benzalkonium chloride + Cetrimide (Drapolene) cream is a highly effective topical treatment for various skin conditions. With a concentration of 100 mcg/2 mg/g (0.01%/0.2%), this cream provides fast relief from itching, irritation, and inflammation. It is specially formulated to soothe and heal the skin, making it ideal for use on minor cuts, burns, and diaper rash. The 55 g tube ensures long-lasting use, making it a must-have for every household. Trust Drapolene cream to provide gentle yet powerful care for your skin.

• Antiseptic

• Contains 100 mcg/2 mg/g (0.01%/0.2%) Benzalkonium chloride + Cetrimide per cream

Drapolene 100 mcg/2 mg/g (0.01%/0.2%) cream 55 g

  • Over-the-Counter
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