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Strepsils Soothing Honey & Lemon lozenges combine the powerful ingredients of Dichlorobenzyl alcohol and Amylmetacresol to provide fast and effective relief from sore throats and coughs. Each pack contains 8 lozenges that are infused with the soothing flavors of honey and lemon, making them a delicious and comforting way to soothe your throat. These lozenges are perfect for on-the-go relief and can be taken as needed throughout the day. Strepsils Soothing Honey & Lemon lozenges are a trusted and convenient solution for anyone seeking relief from throat discomfort.

• Antiseptic

• Contains Dichlorobenzyl alcohol + Amylmetacresol per lozenge

Strepsils Soothing Honey & Lemon lozenge 8's

  • Over-the-Counter
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