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Vicks Formula 44 Dextromethorphan syrup is a trusted and effective cough suppressant. Each 5 mL of syrup contains 15 mg of dextromethorphan, providing fast relief from cough symptoms. This 54 mL bottle is perfect for on-the-go use and is suitable for adults and children aged 12 years and above. With its soothing formula, Vicks Formula 44 helps to calm and suppress coughs, allowing you to get the restful sleep you need. Say goodbye to annoying coughs and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with Vicks Formula 44 Dextromethorphan syrup.

• Antitussive

• Contains 15 mg/5 mL Dextromethorphan per syrup

Vicks Formula 44 15 mg/5 mL syrup 54 mL

  • Over-the-Counter
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