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PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED: Broncaire Expectorant syrup is a powerful combination of Salbutamol and Guaifenesin, designed to provide relief from cough and congestion. With a concentration of 1 mg of Salbutamol and 50 mg of Guaifenesin per 5 mL, this 60 mL bottle offers a potent solution for respiratory discomfort. Salbutamol works as a bronchodilator, helping to open up the airways and ease breathing, while Guaifenesin acts as an expectorant, loosening and thinning mucus to facilitate its removal. This syrup is suitable for adults and children, providing fast and effective relief for a productive cough and chest congestion.

• Bronchodilator / Expectorant

• Contains 1 mg/50 mg/5 mL Salbutamol + Guaifenesin per syrup

Broncaire Expectorant 1 mg/50 mg/5 mL syrup 60 mL

  • Prescription
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